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(Hyacinthus orientalis)


Most herbs in tablet or capsule form are ground months prior to appearing on store shelves. They lose many of their active ingredients both in production and storage. Once dried into tablets they lose most of their nutritional content. Herbal tablets also contain fillers, binders and other materials necessary to compress ground herbs into tablet form.


The manufacturer may state 1000mg of herbs on their bottle, however, they have dried the herbal medicine to a 20:1 ratio and only provide 50mg (x20 = 1000), which means most of the active ingredients in the herb are lost completely. NaturalDoc liquid extracts provide a 1:1 dosage – 1ml is 1000mg of herbs – providing 100% of the active ingredients. Tablets must also be dissolved by the body’s digestive system before the herbs can be assimilated.

Herbal liquids dissolve easily in the stomach. However, if the body is not digesting and assimilating well, the potential therapeutic benefits of herbs in tablet and capsule form diminishes because the digestive system must break the active constituents free from the fibre and cellulose in which they are encased. Herbs in capsule and tablet form lose potency as they are exposed to oxygen (capsules oxidise more rapidly than tablets).


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(Echinacea purpurea)

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